Trump sued Letidia James to stop an investigation into his business

Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit Monday against New York State Attorney General Letidia James, demanding that he suspend the lengthy civil investigation into his business practices and prevent him from participating in a separate criminal investigation.

In federal court in Albany, Mr. The lawsuit filed by Trump and his family in the real estate business argued that Ms James’ involvement in both trials was purely politically motivated, a tactic that Mr. Trump has explored in the past. Law enforcement and other.

When he ran for office, Mr. The case cites a long list of Ms James’ public attacks on Trump. “His motive is guided only by the persecution, intimidation and retaliation of a private citizen whom he considers a political enemy and a political adversary,” it says.

In a statement, Ms. James, a Democrat, said the case would not stop the trial.

«The Trump administration continues to seek to delay our investigation into its business dealings,» the statement said. «To be clear, neither Mr. Trump nor the Trump organization can dictate where they respond to their actions.»

Mr. Trump faces more obstacles in proving that Ms James violated his rights, and according to legal experts, some of them predict that he will win, even if the judge decides that James’ comments are inappropriate.

Cyrus R. of the Democratic Party. Vance Jr., Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus R. The former president has previously argued that Vance Jr. was subjected to political harassment when he tried to challenge the criminal investigation.

The fight, in connection with the former president’s tax account sapona, Mr. Even before Trump’s argument, the trial was significantly delayed. Which was eventually rejected by the Supreme Court In February.

In a statement on Monday, Mr Trump addressed Ms James directly, calling her investigation «a continuation of the political witch hunt against me.»

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«It’s not about delay, it’s about our constitution!» The statement said.

Mr. Vance’s Criminal Investigation, Mrs. James’s office helps Centered Mr. Did Trump fraudulently raise the value of his assets and defraud banks and provide loans.

The investigation recently reached a critical juncture, with prosecutors interrogating one of the former president’s accountants before a grand jury and providing sapons for records of his hotels, golf clubs and office buildings.

Mr. Vance will step down later this year, but if prosecutors in his office decide Mr Trump has committed a crime, they can file charges against him. The result was Mr. Vance’s heir falls to Alvin Brock.

Mr. Danny Frost, a spokesman for Vance’s office, declined to comment on the case.

Ms James’ parallel civil investigation began in March 2019 and focuses on similar questions about how Mr. Trump valued his assets. If Ms. James finds evidence of wrongdoing, she will contact Mr. Trump can be prosecuted, but because it is a civil trial, he cannot file criminal charges.

Mr. Trump’s case comes two weeks after Ms James signaled she would Seeks to interrogate him under oath Early next month. The former president’s lawyers said at the time that they would ask the judge to dismiss Sabina and that they would do so in the coming days.

Mr. Trump’s lawyer Alina Hubba said in a statement Monday that the case was an attempt to prevent Ms James’ «bitter crusade against her political opponent.»

For many years, including the 2017 tweet announcing that he was «leading the opposition against Donald Trump in the NYC». The case highlights the public criticism leveled at Trump by Ms James.

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Mr. Trump’s lawyers argue that Ms James, who was the New York City attorney general at the time, campaigned for the attorney general as part of an anti — Trump agenda.

During his campaign, Ms James often called Mr. Trump on Twitter and on fundraising Appeals. And after being elected, Ms James redoubled her attacks on Mr Trump, the case argued.

«We are definitely going to sue him,» he said in a video released the day after his victory in November 2018. «We’m going to be a real pain in the ass. He’s going to know my name personally.

Recently Ms. James The New York governor withdrew from the race, Citing «several important investigations and cases,» he said he would like to continue as attorney general.

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Mr. Ms. James’ public attacks on Trump — and the sub-bonuses he provided to his company — The lawsuit alleges that Trump violated several constitutional rights.

Mr. His «excessive, excessive and inappropriate saponins» argue that Trump’s case violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unjust government searches.

Civil rights legal experts said that although the case could delay or divert Ms James’ trial, it was not possible for a judge to stop it altogether. Experts say there is no constitutional protection against a lawyer who is politically biased.

Mr. Trump may challenge any particular sapona as overly broad or unreasonable, but when he has done so in the past, the judges have ruled against him.

Jonathan M., executive director of the Washington Bar Association for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. Smith, in an interview, said Mr. He said he did not expect the court to be distracted by most of Trump’s constitutional arguments and that the case was not feasible. Mr. Vance to delay the trial.

«Although he has political beliefs about Trump, reasonable claims have been made about the Trump system and Trump’s behavior, which will justify the investigation,» he said. Smith said.

However, he noted that lawyers are ethically bound to set aside any bias when pursuing a case. Mr. He said the strongest argument put forward by Trump’s lawyers is that Ms James has abused her office in violation of the law.

«I think the abuse of the process is coming very close,» he said. Smith said. «If they can really show that her motive is revenge or politically motivated, it violates the code of ethics.»

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