Israeli PM announces fourth Govt Jab for over 60s to deal with Omigran

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett has announced that Israelis and medical groups over the age of 60 will be eligible for the fourth Govt vaccine to protect against the rapidly spreading Omigran variant.

“Citizens Israel There were The first person in the world to receive a third dose We continue to be pioneers of the Covit-19 vaccine and the fourth dose, ”he said on Tuesday, urging those who meet the criteria to“ go and get vaccinated ”.

Bennett’s comments came after a meeting of the country’s minister’s corona virus cabinet, amid growing concerns about the spread. Omigron Variation.

The Prime Minister called on the decision of the Epidemiology Committee to move forward with the fourth dose, saying, «The wonderful news is that it will help us to overcome the Omigron wave that is engulfing the world.»

A report by the Ministry of Health states that people with immunodeficiency are also eligible for the fourth vaccine, which can be given to them, the elderly and medical groups at least four months after the third vaccine.

Bennett’s office said the prime minister had instructed the health ministry and health funds that administer the vaccines to prepare a «widespread (vaccine) measure».

The decision follows the first known death in Israel of a patient with the Omigran variant. An Israeli hospital confirmed the death on Tuesday, but said he had several serious conditions before him. Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba said he died on Monday, 60, two weeks after being admitted to the Corona virus ward.

The hospital report said the patient had various serious illnesses. «His morbidity came mainly from pre-existing diseases, but not from respiratory infections caused by the corona virus,» it said.

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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said there were at least 340 Omicron cases in Israel. Israel has already extended a travel ban this week to countries including the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Canada to prevent the virus from spreading.

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