Biden nominates Carolyn Kennedy as Ambassador to Australia | Biden Administration

Joe Biden recommended daughter Carolyn Kennedy John F. Kennedy, Should be the US Ambassador to Australia.

Kennedy, 63, is one of America’s most popular political families Considered for a long time Leading candidate for the top diplomatic post since Biden threw his support behind the presidential election campaign.

In a statement, Kennedy called Australia «a country essential to our future security and prosperity.»

He added: “I look forward to cooperating with the Australian Government to strengthen our alliance, improve global health, increase vaccine access during these devastating epidemics, and tackle the emergency climate crisis. I’m excited to learn about the Australian people, their fascinating country, and share with them what I love most about America.

Kennedy previously served as US Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017 under Barack Obama. She was the first female U.S. ambassador to Japan and in a statement announcing the new post in Australia, the White House praised her work there.

«She spearheaded the reorganization of U.S. forces in Okinawa, promoted women’s empowerment in Japan, and increased student exchange between the United States and Japan,» it said. «In 2017, he founded the International Poetry Exchange Program, which connects students in Japan, Korea, the Philippines and the Franks with the power of spoken word.»

Kennedy was presented with the Grand Garden of the Rising Sun last month, the highest Japanese award for foreigners.

Kennedy was a key supporter of Biden’s presidential campaign. A Boston Globe Editorial Announcing his approval, Kennedy praised Biden for his long public service and recalled his visit to Tokyo as ambassador.

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«He expressed American confidence and generosity. He made it clear that the United States will always stand by our allies and that we are committed to keeping the region peaceful and prosperous,» he wrote in the article.

Kennedy’s appointment comes at a time when Australia and the United States are deepening their military ties amid growing concerns about what they consider to be China’s most conservative behavior.

In September, Australia, the UK and the US formed a defense alliance called Aukus, in which countries plan how Australia will buy eight nuclear-powered submarines.

Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne welcomed the nomination, saying the alliance between Australia and the United States had «never been in the interests of both countries».

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Kennedy would «bring to Washington a deeper political network and a deeper understanding of our Indo-Pacific region,» Payne said.

Australian opposition leader Anthony Albanese said Kennedy was a «better choice». He said the seniority of the appointment reflects the importance placed on the «Australia’s most important ally» alliance.

«We have a lot of work to do in the future — there’s a lot of work on climate change that is similar to the vision I have for President Biden,» Albanese said.

«The forthcoming Labor government looks forward to working on climate change as an important national security issue in the Indo-Pacific region.»

Biden’s announcement comes following talks between Payne and US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on the sidelines of the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers’ meeting in Liverpool last weekend.

Payne and Blinkon «acknowledged the importance of having a Senate-affirmed ambassador to Canberra as soon as possible in light of the scope and scope of the shared challenges we face.»

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Without an ambassador to Canberra, senior diplomat Mike Goldman is currently in charge of the US embassy. Arthur Gulvahaus, the ambassador under the Trump administration, left Canberra for the conference in January.

At the same time, Biden announced that he would be nominating Ambassador for Michelle Quan Belize, a former skier. Kwan is one of the most decorated figure skaters in American sports history, but has served in public diplomacy on behalf of the U.S. State Department for many years, particularly focusing on young people.

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